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The Greenbriar Town Center is a community center in Chantilly, VA. The center is comprised of nationally recognized tenants including: Marshalls, Giant, CVS/pharmacy, Petco, Dress for Lessand many more.

Greenbriar Town Center is conveniently positioned on Lee Jackson Memorial Highway in Chantilly.

The Greenbriar Town Center enjoys a strong tenant mix as a neighborhood shopping center that adequately services the needs of the local community.

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A great place to shop

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift, special offers and sales, or in need of a service, you can begin your shopping adventure in the GREENBRIAR TOWN CENTER. Come in and explore… What a great place to shop!


Mike R.

Greenbriar Town Center is in the heart of Chantilly. Close to 50 and Majestic Lane, this name is beyond misleading. It's a strip mall plain and simple. Actually it's a pretty large one, but there are no fountains or parks that remind me of a "town center." This isn't to say it's bad, although a lot of this strip mall could be remodeled. It's showing it's age, and parking in here can be challenging. Yet there are some positives. The Marshalls and Ross Dress for Less are wonderful for your bank account. The Bobs Discount Furniture has occasional specials, although I'm saddened the Petco is leaving in January. The Giant grocery store is of substantial size and among the area's best. There are a lot of restaurants to pick from, including a Boston Market and Cafe Rio. This is an alright place if you're looking for a lot of stores in one location.

Cyclist B.

Terrible customer service. Rude. They lie and refuse service, they say they are even though you have been waiting in line. They too often find a way to not be pleasant and professional!

Sir R.

Oh beloved Greenbriar Town Center... We have all had that first true Town Center... It was your first real Town Center experience... It was everything you had never expected and more than you could comprehend... It housed all those necessities of a first Town Center... Pizza, fast food, fotomart, a People Drug with a video game right up front... sure, it had all those other things that your parents thought were important... Grocery store, barber shop, dry cleaner, bank, dentist... But you could overlook that nonsense, as the High's had a Slush Puppy machine and a wall outside to hang out on and they were already building the new McDonald's... As nature and life happen, completely beyond your control... You end up leaving your first Town Center... There is just nothing that measures up in your new neighborhood... No one understand just how special that first Town Center was, they all just were babbling about how there are plenty of Town Centers, but you knew the truth... There is only that one true one!!! Years pass, life goes on, as it has the habit of doing. School... Relationships... Jobs.... Moves.... Children.... Used cars.... Junk mail.... Presidential campaigns.... Kickstarter projects... Then.... One magical day.... You wake up and find yourself back in the neighborhood of your youth... as you wipe the clouds from your eyes and try to put the pieces together that brought you here... a feeling comes washing over you... A feeling that you have felt before... Could it be??? Is it real??? Yes!!!!! Right there, at the corner of Route 50 (Lee Jackson Memorial Highway) and Majestic lane.... It's still there!!!! Some things have changed, but it's there!!!! Your first Town Center!!! Sure, High's is now a 7-11, but the wall is still there. Fotomat is just a memory... This is a replacement McDonald's, but it's still there!!! And look.... The barber shop is still right there!!! They may tell you that you need to move on after your first Town Center.... But I'm here to tell you... That sometimes.... You can find your first again!!!

Ruby V.

Why is this even called a town center? When I think of a town center, I don't think of a poorly planned out design from an architect school drop out with crap parking lots and barely any sidewalks. It's hard coming in and out of this place and driving here is a pain. People only come here for Ross or Marshall's. If you don't want to get run over (it has happen here) go to another shopping center.

About Greenbriar Town Center and reviews